Basket Ball tournament- Lagos Islanders vs Kwara Falcons

Hello Lovers!
Last week Sunday i and my girl Laide were  invited to a basket ball tournament at the Land mark event center at Oniru .
It is the first indoor basketball court in Nigeria if i am not mistaken {I stand to be corrected}.
The match was between Lagos Islanders vs Kwara Falcons.
I must say i prefer Basket ball to Football.
Laide and I
As usual i took pictures.

 It was so much fun and i think i would be going regularly to watch them play.
See you all soon.
Hugs and kisses...


  1. Una well done o! How that side? Make una keep head up o! All the best... Have a great month.

  2. Nice one Alicia! One thing about you is that you know how to have fun, enjoy & take care of yourself. That's the best because life has no duplicate. Keep it up dear. Nonye

  3. Correction... 1.There are lots of indoor basketball courts in Nigeria. 2. My friend Laide and I WERE invited, not I and my friend Laide WAS. cheers!

  4. ....and that's she didn't invite me....not cool...not cool at all