Things i did over the Holiday series (Takwabay with Friends )

Hello Lovers,
How did your holiday go?
Mine was fun packed !
I would be serving you all i did in this "Things i did over the Holiday series"

On the 28th December i and a group of friends went to have fun at the Takwabay island .it has become a yearly tradition,even though a few of my goons weren't available i was glad some others showed up.
See pictures.

Mad fun i tell you!
Hugs and kisses.


  1. Fun doesn't always come like this. Few boys, girls too many. Sun, sand, and more. Like some will say "I cash my fun e o!". Thanks for a fun time out Koko and friends. Na you biko!

  2. Yah! I missed out....Mr Fidel say so.

  3. Ok I see bum bums lol buh the thing is I love the clarity I mean the pictures are all lovely. Nice one Alice!!