Crazy lessons i learnt from the Classic "Sound of Music"

Hey Lovers,
Last Sunday i didn't feel like going any where my body needed  rest, so i decided to watch the Classic "Sound of Music" .This is one Movie i can never ever get tired of watching .
As i got watching i noticed few things and i decided to share with you all

1. Captain Von Trapp set the example  for Oga's [Boss's] always falling for their maids .

2. The ambitiousness of maids nowadays was learnt from Fraulin's transition from "Maid to Madam"

3. The Captain was in love with the maid while he was still with The Baroness [typical of men of today]

4. The hardest and toughest of men are usually the softest and weakest [the Captain looked hard but still fell for the maid so easily]

5. Rolf the mail man took advantage of Liesl 's innocence and dumped her when he got tired of her [very typical]

6.The Captain went on honeymoon and didn't communicate with his Children or anyone [you all know how men of today do not like to be disturbed by anyone while indoors with the opposite sex]

7.Liesl seeked advice from Fraulin when she was dumped by Rolf the mail man and she advised her to wait till she was 18[we all can agree that is the official age for dating] is not today that ladies have been tripping for Men singing with a guitar [imagine the ashawo way Fraulin was looking at the Captain while he was singing at the concert lol]

9.It is also not today that elderly people exploit young kids for money [ask Max when he had intention to exploit the Von Trapp children's talent for fame and money]

10.Whenever we are in trouble the first place we run too is the Church [just the way the Captain and his household ran into the Abbey for solace]

11.Most men wish to be with a  rich and well balance women in the society [The Baroness] but if you look deeper what they really need is a woman who loves,cares,and respect them  even if she doesnt have much[Fraulin]

12.Your Superior [The Captain] still has control over you [Rolf] even when you are no more part of his team[did you guys see how the Captain collected the gun from Rolf ?]

13.Fraulin allowed the Captain to kiss her on their first night [hmmm forget all the good girl i always knew she was bad lol]

You guys must be wondering how did i turn a very sweet  and innocent movie around.
Well im crazy like that .
What do you guys think ?
I am sure most of you would want to watch the movie again 
Please let me know what you think..

Hugs and kisses .....



  1. Ok, so I am just reading this post and I laughing here..... You are so damn crazy and trust me you will make a crazy movie critic... Geeeez!
    But some points made sense sha, you try with your analysis.

  2. Lwkmd! Only a collupt shild like u would bring all dis out from such a movie.

    But they're cogent facts tho. Nice one.

  3. I agree with you 90%. Not all Oga's fall for their househelps. Me for one, I dread that as it is directly proportional to destroying your family (wife and children). Curtis