My Healthy eats !!!

i have been on a healthy lifestyle journey for a while now .i decided not to include that part of me here because its a very touchy aspect of me but i had a rethink that in my doing this i might be helping or encouraging so many people who are on this not so amazing journey .
so i would be sharing with you all my healthy eats every  two weeks or if possible every week .eating healthy can get very boring  so i try to make it as interesting as possible by including soups ,salads with my home made salad dressing i also take lots of fruits and my yummy twining tea with its amazing flavor my best yet is cranberry and blood orange amazing i must tell you .
my sexy tea

OK let  me share with you all some of what i have been eating in two weeks from today would keep a complete journal to share with you guys....
fruits medley

my orgasmic salad (cabbage ,cucumber,carrot,shredded chicken ,avocado slices sprinkled with lemon juice and black pepper) tastes good!

my healthy snacks when i feel like munching something

my creamy Avocado salad dressing (mashed d avocado added a spoon of honey ,lemon juice,black pepper and a lil olive oil and stir)tastes so good.

my Japanese ginger garlic salad dressing

healthy veggie wrap

my infused water contains lemon,mint leaf and cucumber

wheat pasta ,sausages,gizzard and avocado filled with sweet corn (my cheat meal)
my stir fry veggies with egg white (i used a lil olive oil for this)
so what do you guys think?
i would appreciate if i get healthy meals i could try
have a fabulous long holiday
i would hint you all how mine went on Wednesday 
hugs and kisses .


  1. My dear, I'm so proud of you. I wish I could be as strict as you are on your diet but you and I know i'll disappear. Keep it up dear. But please we can't be the same dress size oh! If not you are no longer welcome to my house. Hehehhehehe.

  2. Lol @gigi.... Fantastic meals I shld try

  3. Healthy chops o! I believe ur industry. Erm... But when I go see am "test" na?

  4. Weldone girl!they look really yummy,even me that isn't dieting is tempted to try them out!More grease to your elbow on your weight loss journey

  5. I'm so happy, proud and most of all jealous of you right now. You have left me behind. But truth be told you look amazing n gorgeous.

  6. I love the new theme.its a bold step
    Thumbs up

  7. I love the new theme...Eating right is a bold step and not an easy one
    Thumbs up

  8. I love the new theme...Eating right is a bold step and not an easy one
    Thumbs up

  9. Kip it up dear, I must say am rly impressed,I do same 2 buh nt on a daily basis, *cheatMealTinz* u rly determined on dis, thumbup huh! Nice one. Meg says!