Give away!!!

Hello Darlings ,
I am very excited about this post .
I am giving away a handheld sewing machine.
It is portable, cordless, battery operated handy stitch. Makes sewing fun, fast and easy. Repairs even delicate fabrics like silk. And powerful enough, even to sew through denim jeans. 

To win
Participant must live in Lagos
Follow me on instagram @largerthanlifealice and on googleplus  
Comment below to  tell me what kind of posts you would like to see on this blog and kindly include your email address  
Entry closes on Sunday the 16th of November 
Do not forget to leave your email address

Hugs and kisses!!


  1. Hi Alice,i would like to see posts about day to day events in our society. I must also add that I like to read and see pics of ur hair.Strange ryt?cos of u,i cut my hair and am so growing my natural hair....#Team Natural# My email

  2. Yaay! Another give away, Would love to see posts on couple alerts and what you think or just hot and trending coupled also love to see DIYs.

  3. Just give me the sewing machine joo lol. Anyways I would like your posts to be more on *dieting and hair growth*. Most women nowadays are concerned about 2things- how they can lose weight and have healthy hair. You can do more research on that. My email is (Olami)

  4. Hi Koko, How's it going? Very well I believe. Err... It's been interesting so far, all you need do is make it more interesting. Maybe throw in a debatable question once in a while?

  5. Hey Alice, i'll like to see the progress of your hair growth and maybe a few more fun posts.

  6. Hello Alice, with respect to your blog; you have done an awesome job. We have watch you grow as a blogger in the right direction. The fact that you brought your personal life into it gave it relatable feel. So keep up the good works. I know this blog is supposed to be about you and your fab life/activities however I will like to get more news,sports, gists (don't want to say gossip, lol) , etc to keep us your readers updated on happenings around us while we follow your fab life. Moreover the more news or gist you have on your blog the more your followers/readers. Secondly I suggest you getting people to place adverts on your blog even if its a 300px by 400 colourful ad banner. Though u might do this for free at first but with time you will start charging. This will give your blog a more colourful and versatile look and it will encourage sustainability.