MY HEALTHIER OPTIONS-Creamy Avocado Salad Dressing!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi guys i recently started eating clean and exercising  . i intend carrying you all along in this journey of mine
and on  how i try to make healthier decisions on what i eat and generally how i live my life.i would call this (My healthier options)

Yesterday i made this yummy salad dressing and i thought  to share with you all

All it takes is 5 simple ingredients {. Also if you have a mini processor you’ll need it because it will help make this whole process easier i used a spoon to smoothing mine though .
Got five minutes? Then I suggest you make this healthy salad dressing for sure!


Very ripe avocado pear
a spoon of natural honey
black pepper (depends on how you love pepper)
a pinch of salt
a spoonful of olive oil

Put all the ingredient in a bowl and stir till smooth (you can also use a food processor would come out smoother)
Keep in an airtight container for at least a week (maybe longer!)

i mixed mine with my veggies and mackerel as a filling for my pita wrap
tastes so good.
 let me know what you think and send me pictures if you try this out  ...
hugs and sliced apples!


  1. Clean eater, welldone o o! Please make some for me too! Beside I need some avocado for my hair as well...

  2. this is a great idea,i think this is actually what a lifestyle blog should be like ..can u kindly let us in on your weight loss journey too i think we would learn a thing or two....

  3. am definitely trying this..thanks for sharing