Hi guys
So i was tagged by my friend Mide of  
I cannot wait to delve into the questions 
    The rules:
1. Share 11 facts about yourself
2. Answer the questions set by the blogger that nominated you
3. Nominate bloggers
4. Set 8 questions for nominated bloggers

  1. I can be very unforgiving 
  2. I am extremely free spirited
  3. I can never get physical with anyone 
  4. I rather avoid you than say hurtful words when am hurt
  5. I do not like dogs 
  6. I love beans cooked in every form except akara
  7. I think i behave way older than my age (my dad says i act 40)
  8. I cry alot especially for poor old struggling women and very little kids 
  9. I know i would marry the man of my dreams and have 2 beautiful kids and travel the world together
  10. I use to enjoy been fat but now I'm not so sure
    11 .I wish my mummy never died      


-What would you spend 1million dollars on?
I would first build a big mansion for my family  ,then pay for my dream school fees ,settle my brothers and sister ,give to charity and start up my business

-Favorite item in your closet? (put up a picture if you can)
i have so many favorites but presently im loving one silver pointy shoes  i bought from asos. see picture below
-If you had the chance to name yourself, what would it be and why?
it would be Greta ,because i like the name it means pearl and it sounds exotic

 -How do you express yourself?
if i do not have to i don't bother especially  when am angry i rather stay cold and withdrawn. but if am happy i talk a lot ,i laugh a lot ,can also be very loud. 

- Favorite book?
50 shades of grey ..hmmmm very erotic  book lol...

-What inspired you to start your blog?
i though i have an interesting life and decided to do a journal of my journey through it. 

- What has your blog done for you?
Through this blog i have met very interesting bloggers  and it has encouraged me to become a more better person .

big shout out to Mide for this tag i had fun doing this

Bloggers i am tagging 

1. What is the most expensive item you own (a picture wont be bad too)
2. Choose {love or money} and state your reason
3. Where is your dream vacation spot?
4. What do you first notice about people 
5. Why did you start blogging
6. In 5 years where do you see your self
7. When last did you cry and what made you 
8.What would you spend a million dollars on?

That is  all for now.
Talk to you guys soon.
Big hugs and kisses.



  1. Well kinda cool talking about one's self but i don't even know myself that much to start with lol.

  2. ermmmmm try nd be forgiving oh .....

  3. Nice... I love your face when you laugh/smile. Sorry 'bout your mummy.

    1. thanks my dear...wld visit ure blog and follow u ..