These are a Few of my favorite things......

 There are a million different things i love,I'm going to let you in on some things am very passionate about and things that makes me smile

1. PICTURES-I bet this would not come as a surprise .i love pictures especially with me in it ,i think i take better picture of my self than anyone can ,i know my great side and how to angle the camera to accentuate my great side
not bad right?
2.THE BEACH-i love the beach i feel this sense of calmness when am there .the feel of the waves through my dress and the feel of the water on my skin .if i had the means i would own a house right beside the sea shore and enjoy Gods natural beauty any time i want to
takwa-bay beach
DARK MEN - Okay this is just silly but i cannot over emphasize  my love for the black skinned African man lol! you cant blame me na ...
someone would kill me for this
ONLINE SHOPPING -i wish i had all the money i need .i would definitely shop more is indeed therapeutic for me to shop till i drop ..Baba God bless me biko.

BEANS-i love beans i have always loved beans in every form well except akara (fried bean cake)
when i was growing up i always get so excited when my mum says we are having it  ,i think i would write a poem on my love for beans
especially fried beans .and i think i am gifted with the art  of making it ...shout out to Ladi we both love the beans 

WRISTWATCHES-Ask me for anything but not my wristwatch .if you are close to me this wouldn't be news.
i would stop here for now .
what are your favorite things?
please share .



  1. Yes yes yes, I know you love all these and I think pictures really takes first place! Second place is online shopping, girl u r addicted to that! Welldone babe

    1. thanks dear
      im trying to minimize the online habit ....its terrible i swear

  2. Koko oooooo! *Chuckling* No be lie, we love beans. Nice one. Have a blessed week.

  3. Koko ooooo! *Chuckling* No be lie, we love beans (And other things too). Have a blessed week...xoxo

  4. Shoes, shoes and more shoes. O yes and my family comes first.😊

  5. hmmm pictures.. online shopping.. lipsticks.. shoes and lipsticks again:)