My Hair so far {Natural Hair journey]

I'm so excited about this post.its been three month post  big chop and i just want to share with you all how far my hair has grown( 
semi big chop i left some relax ends to see if i would like my look

big chop!

a month after my bigchop

i and my natural sis Chloes makeover

my current hair length

current hair length
My hair is growing like weed ,like i always say" feed your hair and it would grow"
Feel free to make enquirers about my hair routine and products i use and i will be glad to share .
Love your Curls...
Please comment....


  1. Nice!u make me wanna cut my hair but....... hmmmmmnn!Nice tho!

  2. Madam y ar u making us trip 4 GOLD SHORT NATURAL HAIR even those of us it won't fit.nice.

  3. Wow your hair is growing really fast and it looks healthy. I think I have to go natural again....

  4. Feed ur hair and it will grow.... I love it

  5. I realy love being on my natural hair too bt its kindar hard to maintein some time'i envy u sis'u look sweet