Esther's Introduction

My bestie Esther did her introduction on Saturday ,she is 2nd of my closest friend my age mate to be getting married, i was very emotional..
  I have known Esther for roughly twelve years and it has been amazing years of growth ,good health and breakthroughs .
we have gone through the death of my mum in 2010 ,the death of her dad in 2013 ,heartbreaks ,finding through love and we still came out standing tall.
I know you are going to make an amazing wife ..i remember when we use to pass under the gutter to cut short the long walking distance,i remember how we use to gossip about boys as teenagers ,i remember your leadership trait how we  managed  a teenage choir ..we were so mischievous lol...
Congratulation Estheri AYABA,

Just want to use this medium to point out how amazing the Yoruba tradition is ..i had so much fun during the introduction ceremony.lets see pictures for ourselves

Esther and Sammy

Meg,Tobi,Nana,Esther and Alice

Meg and Esther

Esther and her elder sis Aunty Ronke and her lovely hubby and kids

aww so cute

friends with the new couple

me with my gf 

couple withe friends

where is my bobo oh?

you my eyes you will not see evil

sitting pretty on my new parents lap

let me check weda this is my wife im marrying oh!

aww so cute

sitting on her parents lapss

na wife we come beg for oh!

sitting on my new parents laps

won ma gba leni o
sitting on my parents lap

i love this picture


prostrate biko

you my eyes you wnt put me in trouble

mamamia and her sons

bobo niyen

i think shes very pretty

It was a very intimate ceremony , i had a lot to eat and even did takeaway literally ..
Have a fabulous xmas holiday.



  1. Beautiful bride! l love seeing young couple. I wish them a happy married life. No evil shall see them .

  2. Beautiful bride....nice work my Aliciaa

  3. Nice onee sis prouda you!

  4. Nice one miss. You do well... Meanwhile e be like the bros don deposit for there o! The naming no go tey be that.

  5. Beautiful Esther, God Bless Ur Union...Nice Job Ali Bebe..