Hope you are fine?Hope you are good ?cause i wanna know..
how have you been? my life is at its most interesting stage and i am really rocking it.
my friend was a year older on Thursday and it was celebrated on Saturday but we her friends gathered on Friday it was a fun weekend ....
i got this very powerful camera so hence forth my pictures is going to be very clear .the pictures I'm going to share was taken and edited by me..yes I'm super excited and i intend taking photography up as a profession yup!yup! TY Bello has got nothing on me .loll...
let me allow you enjoy the pictures..

We all met on Friday and decided to go out to the salon and for dinner

birthday-gal Ronnie ,chichi and Gloria

Doyin,Alice,Ronnie and Gloria


love this pic so much

posers lol!

Ronnie,Chichi,me and Gloria

Chichi and Gloria

chichi and gloria

and then the D-DAY there was so much to eat pardon me  i didn't take enough food pictures.

and now the guests and us having the fun of our life.
celebrand and her cute hubby

dazzling celebrant

cute family


chichi ,adokiye and gloria with her famous champagne glass
Gloria with celebrant

pretty queens

Adokiye and boo

Tochi and friend
Doyin and hubby
Doyin of Chemistry lol

we are to fine i swear!
chichi,ronnie and doo

bemzi,hotice and a friend

Ronnie and brother inlaw

pweeety me.

Gloria of Africa

me and Doyin

Doyin and boo,Ronnie and boo

all the ladies..

celebrant and Akatu
we had so much fun ,I wish Ronnie many more years in Good health and wealth with Gods protection .
what do you guys think of the pictures i had fun taking them.
Please,do not forget to drop your comments thank you.
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be good true to yourself and keep doing you...winks..


  1. precious osas ogbeideSeptember 10, 2013 at 6:38 AM

    Nice one, I like em pix, hope say una chop remain for us wen nor go?

  2. Nice one Alice! I see a great future for u in photography. Kudos girl!
    Mary Brandy

  3. Cool party, nice fotografi, llnp to d celebrant.

  4. Alice! Gloria and her famous champagne glass abi! Lol, you did great but some of my pictures are missing oh, you know the particular one I'm talking about,hehehe. Lovely pictures sweets.

  5. Really nice,ur rilly gud kip it up.*lollipop*

  6. Beautiful pictures!
    Y'all look amazing.

  7. Ghen ghen... nyc one lecce... u doing good for ursef. Mama wud b proud

  8. Lovely pictures. The celebrant is so pretty and your gown is everything, so pretty.

  9. looks like a lot of fun ;) everyone looking sharp ;)!

    xoxo Gozika