TGIF!,its another Friday! and its looks like fun already.I am so excited about today's post i met this young man few years ago in school,he was just the normal funny guy everyone liked  l i never ever thought he was this creative until i added him on BB and i was amazed at his work .lets see for ourselves.Orange Chef Cap ( jide cakez ) 08080668093, 08056353733, pin : 28C585B8,  Blk 39, flt 2, Iponri Estate, Surulere, Lagos.

What do you all think?Amazing i know!
Contact him for all your cakes and confectionery trust me you wont regret it.
Have your self a fabulous weekend.. 
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  1. wow dude is so talented.....

  2. this is what i call originality. pure talent. pls check out my blog as i try to show that our african hair can also grow long and thrive well.

  3. It is one thing for a cake to look good but another for it to taste good too! This young guy has talent! He made my traditional wedding cake. Was simply beautiful ... to the eyes and in the mouth! and very affordable too.

    Unfortunately, His blog has nowhere to upload my picture.