Bolanle's Bridal Shower.

Hope you are fine?Hope you are good ?cos i wanna know
hi hunnies how was your weekend....I am so excited about this post .... over the weekend i attended my friend Bolanle's Bridal shower and boy we had so much fun let me show you the pictures ..please pardon the picture quality I'm saving for a bad ass camera...
                                                          The entrance

                                                           my leg ain't that shinny na ororo
                                                                gbogbo serere
                                                             the sash and tiara
                                                      the cake was my boob size loll
                                                                  The Bride
                                                      Our friend bolanle
                                                                  Bride and a guest
                                                         I and the bride
                                                       doing a game and of cos i was the last

                                                 i and lamide(shes the chief bridesmaid)
                                                         Iand Toyosi the brides cousin
                                                             pretty mide
                                                              Bride and her chief.
                                                group pics

                                                     haaa! u wanto bite the cake ni...
                                                         midelicious _the hostess and chief


                                                          bride and relatives...
what do you guys think it was so much fun.....big shout out to Lamide she was indeed a great host ...
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be good true to yourself and keep doing you...winks...



  1. Yea yea cute and I love the cake duuooo and Lamide kudos to her she is truly representing her title as the chief.nice one

  2. Nice one Kokorico. All the best to the celebrant and well done to her friends. Meanwhile, why una no involve me to come strip for una?... Monkey!

    1. only ladi wld call me kokorico tnks monkey!

  3. Awwwww it's so good,what a beautiful ocassion,I'm sure d bride to be wud be proud to have great friends around her.*winks.nice craft cake too wt cute colour

  4. So nice dearie,I'm sure d bride wud be proud to hv wonderful friends,and d cratf cake is lovely wt nice colour blending.kudos and congrats to d bride to be.

  5. Nice, so much fun, the cake looks nice too. Congrats to the Bride n thanks to the chief for a good party

  6. Aww, looks like you guys had loads of fun! The pictures ain't that bad too. Here's wishing the bride a very happy married life, and cheers to y'all who made her day! :D

  7. Hi Alice
    Thanks for the lovely comment on portias blog
    I really appreciate it
    I went for myfirst bridalshower recently
    And it was maaadd fun
    You guys look like you had an amazing time too
    Love the cake especially

    1. MIDEEEE tnks ......i appriciate hope u aint to bored cos of the strike?

  8. Nyc ladies day in..... u guys sure had fun. Nyc pixs....