Feature:Olubummi SISI Ologe(CEO. Style Notch)

Hope you are fine?Hope you are good ?cos i wanna know.....
like i said earlier this is going to be an everyfriday affair...

Bummi is a friend ive known for a while now and i must say i really appreciate her sense of style and her very bright colourd fashion ideas she is indeed a fashionista..CEO STYLE NOTCH ..
She basically styles people up and also help mix and match and accessorze for any kind of occasion she also designs ..enough of the grammer lets see for our selves ...

I think she is really fabulous can contact her on
Do have a very eventful weekend....kisses


  1. I love her style, I think I need a stylist in my life *winks*

  2. Stylish style,I love completely,from d color combination down to the fabric match, very chick, classy,sohisticated and fashionable,keep it up plus koko I am proud of u too,much love

  3. simple, classy and sophisticated.
    i love her style

  4. Awwwwww,I'm so honoured.thnx a bunch alice....BTW this is olubunmi sisi Ologe

  5. Nice one babes

  6. I love, I need. Olubunmi sisi will u be my fashion stylist 4 life? In ankara and takalmi,hadda abun wuya till we grow old togeza?

  7. Hauwa walahi baki da lafiya.....I'm at your service 24/7........gracias