Life as i see it...........................(21 things you do not kno about me)

I know you  must have been wondering what kind of a person i am today its LIFE AS I SEE IT Friday and I'm talking about me ,my life and what makes me different...
1.I am from a very modest family of Mum my dad and my big sis and two younger brothers
2.My best food is Beans and any thing and my favorite alcholic drink was "night train"buh now its "redlabel and coke on the rocks"yea call me a drunk i agree......
3.The saddest day of my life was on the 24th of May 2010 when my very loving and beautiful mum Mrs.Kingsley Isiokeufere  died  and left me alone in this world.
4.My happiest day is the day i would find true love ....
5.I have a special friend named Rukky Emekpe she loves me and always has my back...
6.The name of my male best friend is Eddie Ogbene though i call him Eddie Bongo!!!!! i always feel like a child when I'm wit him
7.My female best friend is Kelechi Okoro i call her my kelemi or my Kelekele nothing can come in-between us as we have gone true so much and we still come out stronger...
8.I am a strong person and a great fighter am also responsible for every action i take concerning my life ...
9.I love gifts ,flowers and dates ...not cos i am vain but because i feel so much love when im been spoilt like that
10.I have another very close friend called Halimat Ojo i all her Hallybaby she all anyone would want in a friend most importantly shes loyal to me ...
11.I use to be a very sickly child but now I'm a strong girl
12.I am a very good mother to my two younger brothers ..
13.My dream in life is to become a successful fashion designer and a mother of very beautiful kids .
14.I am an extremely good cook there hardly anything i cant prepare...
15.Everything makes me cry...When I'm very happy i cry,when I'm in pain i cry,when I'm sad i cry,when u show me so much love i cry......i know I'm crazy...I'm crying now..
16.I have a very strong moral value and i try to maintain it to the later....
17.I love organizing parties for friends and i value friendship so much...
18.I am 24yrs old not let this big body fool you......
19.My daddy is the strongest ,cutest man i know......
20.I was brought up with so much love I'm not settling for anything less than real love ......
21.I do not intend changing my name till i find a man who i can call my friend and till then I'm still MISS KINGSLEY ..........


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    1. Tnks Ms Viv pls follow my blog too Thank you

  2. Love this.insanely creative

  3. Kk moral of d story pls?

    1. I just told u about my self ,u can also tell me about u ....tnks for Reading though

  4. @anonymous! Duuuh! Moral of wat?
    Its mi kele! Nyc one alice

  5. Tnks my love ...what wld I do without you?

  6. very nice and emotional though. very creative as well

  7. great post

  8. Alice......hahahahahaha!!!! you are a clown! i love this post and the age thingy i must admit was a shocker. lol


  9. This is such a great post
    I love reading about fellow bloggers
    And you seem to have a great personality
    Keep it up!