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WHAT I HAVE BEEN WEARING ...............



Hi Guys,
Hope you all are well?
Just thought to share with you all what my instagram page looked like for the month of November



Hey Lovers,
i am so excited ,i smell Christmas already .
Last year i  organized a massive hangout at Takwa bay with friends click here to view 
This year it promises to be wild and fun 
The idea is to create a fun avenue for young minded and business oriented  individuals to network and relax during the festive season.
Kindly indicate if you are interested  .
Hugs and  Kisses .


Pictures From The Naturals In the City 9 Event !!!!!


Naturals In The City 9 (22nd November)

Hey Naturalistas!
The 9th edition of the Naturals in the city is here and it is themed "Maintaining Hair Length"
There would be talks, give away and product swaps
Date-22nd November
Time-1.30pm -5.30pm
Venue-The Social Place ,33,Sanari Daranijo street,off Younis Bashorun,off Ajose Adeogun,Victiria Island .
Gate fee-500

Come lets have fun ,network and share ideas and regimes.
This event is not exclusive to just unrelaxed hair ,if you love your hair and want to leaarn how to grow your hair you are invited too..
See you there!

he Social Place, 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, off Younis Bashorun, off Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos. - See more at:
he Social Place, 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, off Younis Bashorun, off Ajose Adeogun, Victoria Island, Lagos. - See more at:

AND THE WINNER IS.............

Hey guys...
How did your weekend go?
After doing a random ballot for the give away the winner is.....
You would recive an email for us on how to deliver to you.

Have an amazing week 
Hugs and kisses ..

Fun at Calabar !!

Hey lovers, how are you all doing?
can you all smell Christmas?
i cannot wait!

Last week i was in Calabar for a workshop it was loads of work and fun combined.
I was so amazed at its cleanliness and orderliness Lagosians still have a long way to go .
I was able to visit the famous Tinapa, i was amazed at the hard work and money put into building it and how little it is been utilized .
I also visited Marina resort i ate this amazing barbecue cat fish i am still drooling lol.
My host Mercedes was very hospitable and wanted to kill me with food .thanks so much darling 
I also got to see Esther of Silhouette photography big shout out for the amazing pictures she took at Tinapa .
I  got to see Blessing she took me round Marina and i thought her to use my camera and she did a great job.
Then i visited the beach market they had different kinds of fishes and dried sea food i bought a few though .
OK,enough of my sermon lets enjoy the pictures