HEALTHY EATS-Chicken peppersoup with sweet potato

When i was  younger, my mum made lots of pepper-soup for my dad from chicken pepper soup to goat meat,goat head and fish my daddy loved his pepper i can still  imagine him eating the pepper-soup with yam and using a large towel to clean off sweat .we called it "ji nmini oku"
These days i take alot of soups because it is so tasty and healthy due to my journey into healthier living 
today i am sharing with you all how i made my Chicken pepper-soup with sweet potato .

           cut chicken into serving chunks
           black pepper (depends on how you like it)
           pepper soup spices
           grounded cray fish 
           scent leave (chopped)
           ginger and garlic powder 
           sweet potato (chopped)

put cut chicken in a  large pot and cover with some of the water (about 500ml). Add a tablespoon of the pepper-soup spice , some salt,ginger and garlic , the Maggi  cubes, black pepper, the crayfish and the scent leave .  Stir and allow to simmer on low heat till liquid comes to a boil after 15mins add the sweet potatoes and let it boil.
and its ready 
can you see the steam ....

packed for the week 
Tastes so goood.
what do you guys think?
let me know if you try this out..
hugs and kisses.


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Veggie and Tofu Stir-Fry with wheat Chinese noodles

Hello lovies (still searching for a suitable name  for you all lol)
hope your week went great ?
i cant wait for the weekend..

In my bid to eat healthy i always  try out different meal and recipes i stumble across that is readily available to me .
I have been seeing people eat Tofu but i never tried it out so yesterday after work i visited an Indian shop and got a few to try 
i made a very healthy stir fry with olive oil and ate it with Chinese noodles.
i found out a cup of Chinese noodle is 192 calories which is not bad at all 


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What i think about Asa"s BED OF STONE

Artist – Asa
Album – Bed of Stone
Producer – Blair MacKichan
Label – Naive Records (2014)
Running time – 47:52

    I was in traffic on afternoon  thinking about my life lol and i turned and saw someone hawking this album in  traffic and am like abeg bring one since then i have been stuck
the first track DEAD AGAIN  sounds so surreal like she knows how it feels to be betrayed by a loved one
i cannot get enough of SATAN BE GONE and GRATEFUL.
       I think Asa is in a total class of her own her delivery ,her smooth husky voice her rise and fall in between pitches is totally off the hook.
 One word, Asa is amazing! And her Bed of Stone is a different flavor  that we haven’t had in music in a while.she sampled different genre of music and was able to pull it off flawlessly
Asa for Grammy biko!